Get your own design

What do we need for your sketch & estimate?
- Send any available Picture/Text/Shape/Name what you have.
- Mention any desired font type, color, size...
- Exact size for the design. (Width and Height)
- Color and Size for the Tee/Dress what you want to see on the sketch.
- You're budget. (So we know how to use our imagination...)
- We're always able to come up with a solution for your unique design!
- Don't forget! Anything is possible!

Swarovski clothes

Any item in your wardrobe can be personalized and brought to life with our processes. Stand out in the crowd instead of blending into the background! Clothing, Shoes, Phones, Laptops, Belt Buckles, virtually anything!

Send your idea to us and we'll make it for you. We can turn almost any idea into reality.
However to have a good final effect we recommend NOT to send high resolution images/shapes
because the smallest crystals what we use is 3mm. So it can NOT be too detailed picture/shape.
For example we're not able to put your face on the t-shirt.... :-)

Have a look on the already made Swarovski designs to get the idea for your own. We work with all the materials.
The crystals can be placed on almost anything and they are coming in many different funky colors. They are safe to
use after and also machine washable. Crystals can be placed all around the t-shirt, jeans, hats, gloves, scarfs, etc.
Crystal sizes are vary between 2mm and 7.2mm. So you can also choose the size of the stones.

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